Commercial Tanks

  • Rainchaser Water Tanks are made with the highest quality Bluescope steel with a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm  and lined with a Bartlett's liner to give over 20 years of service. A 20 year pro-rata warranty accompanies each tank.
  • Each tank is designed to suit the purpose that it is intended for and can be manufactured in a range of Bluescope colours.
  • All tanks are built to Australian Standards and are engineer certified.
  • Commercial tanks can be used for many applications that are within the liner manufacture's specification.
Colorbond steel sheets, interlocking sheets, 20 year warrenty
  • Rainchaser's water tanks are built in the overlapping brick style to give a much stronger product.
  • There is no single weak point in the construction.
  • Each tank comes complete with 2 outlets, 1 fire camlock, 1 manhole, a screw top lid, a leaf strainer and an overflow kit all included in the price.
  • Rainchaser's tanks come with a 20 year pro-rata warranty.
  • All tanks are built in WA.